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The sanctuary of the medieval church is narrower than the nave, being closed with three sides of a hexagon. Over the centuries, the church suffered a lot of transformations, therefore, it lost its medieval elements. In 1811, the nave was prolonged to the west, the windows were transformed, and one of the two towers was rebuilt after being destroyed by an earthquake in 1834. The present tower was made several decades later, decorated with baroque elements, in historic style. A flat ceiling was built instead of the damaged vaults, in 1882. The furniture was made in the 19th century. There is a crypt under the edifice dating from the 17th century that is the burial place of the local aristocratic family of Ibrányi. The local tradition indicates the “red monks” as the builders of the church and, according to the same tradition, there are tunnels in the place assumed as the site of the former monastery. The church has two bells, one was made in 1664, while the other in 1965. (TSz).


County Museum of Satu Mare
Bd. Vasile Lucaciu, Nr. 21
440031, Satu Mare
Email:[email protected]

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